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    TrackMan Leagues - Winter 2023

February 6th - April 2nd

League Fees & Prizes

  • The cost is $200 per person with $120 designated for TrackMan time and $80 allocated to the Prize Pool.
  • Winter League will consist of EIGHT 9-Hole Rounds.
  • Prize Pool money will be paid out in Golf Shop Credit.
  • Prizes including Closest to Pin (New!!) and Weekly Winners will receive 20% of the total Prize Pool paid out each week.
  • The top three players at the end of each session will receive the remainder of the total Prize Pool, with all ties being split. The allocations will be as follows - 1st Place > 50%, 2nd Place > 30%, 3rd Place > 20%.


Weekly Reservations & Pairings

  • Players must complete at least one 9-Hole Round each week to be eligible for weekly prizes. Participants are allowed to “play ahead” to facilitate scheduling or travel plans. 
  • Players are responsible for scheduling their own tee time each week. Players should call the Golf Shop (412-622-6959) to schedule their rounds and must inform BOGC staff that they are playing their weekly TrackMan League round when they reserve the simulator.
  • Players are STRONGLY encouraged to play at the same time each week to facilitate scheduling and minimize potential conflicts.
  • Players are allotted 30 minutes per week to complete each 9-hole round and are strongly encouraged to play with their fellow competitors.
  • When two competitors are playing together, they should reserve the simulator for one hour. Threesomes should reserve 90 minutes, and foursomes should reserve two hours.
  • The APLC will be open daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. In addition, players may make evening reservations between 8:00pm – 10:00pm when made at least 24 hours in advance
  • The TrackMan simulators will not be available during scheduled First Tee - Pittsburgh classes. First Tee – Pittsburgh classes are typically scheduled weekdays between 4:00-7:00 PM, and 9am - 6:30pm on Saturday. Our current class schedule can be viewed in more detail by following the link below.https://bit.ly/ftpSchedule

League Handicap

  • Players MUST have a MyTrackMan.com account to participate in any BOGC League.
  • Each player’s League Handicap will be calculated automatically via their MyTrackMan account on a continual basis as you play.
  • Each player’s initial League Handicap will be based on their current GHIN Handicap Index. Players without a current GHIN Handicap Index will be asked to work with the Golf Staff to determine an accurate and fair initial League Handicap.

Course Rotations

  • League members will play both the front and back nines of a wide variety of world class courses.
  • The rotation each week will be as follows – Week 1 > Front 9 (Course #1), Week 2 > Back 9 (Course #1), etc.
  • The Winter 2023 session will feature courses from state of Michigan including:
    • Orchard Lake Country Club – Weeks 1 & 2
    • Arthur Hills at The Highlands – Weeks 3 & 4
    • Franklin Hills Country Club– Weeks 5 & 6
    • Meadowbrook Country Club – Weeks 7 & 8

Scoring Format & Course Conditions

  • The TrackMan league will use the Stablefold points system, based on NET scores for each hole. 
    • Double Bogey or higher > 0 Points, Bogey > 1 Point, Par > 2 Points, Birdie > 3 Points, Eagle > 4 Points and Double Eagle > 5 Points.
    • League Season Winners will be determined by Total Points Scored for the season using the best 7 of 8 weeks. (Dropping worst round)
  • All rounds will be played using the following course conditions:
    • No Mulligans> Players will have the opportunity to warm up before their round.
    • Auto - Fixed Putting> Inside 10 feet – One Putt, From 10 to 65 feet – Two Putts and 65 feet – Three Putts 
    • Standard Course Conditions> Calm wind, Fairways and Greens at Medium firmness, Hole Locations at Easy, and Green speeds at 9 feet on the Stimpmeter.


  • TrackMan League participants will be grouped by into flights by handicap.
  • TrackMan League participants will only compete against players in their flight.
  • In order to play rounds together participants just be in the same flight.

General Information

  • Players MUST create a MyTrackMan.com account to help facilitate turning in scores and tracking their progress.
  • Players will be able to view current leaderboard via TrackManIndoor.com or onsite while playing.
  • TrackMan League participants will receive DISCOUNTED pricing of $30/Hour on any additional reservations booked during their league session.
  • Winter 2023 TrackMan League begins Monday, February 6, 2023 and ends Sunday, April 2, 2023.
  • Participants will have the ability to play rounds ahead of time to help with scheduling but rounds not completed by the end of the designated week will be forfeited.
  • Participants are permitted to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks into the program room but must use their best judgment to keep food and drinks away from the technology and electronics. No Alcohol is allowed in the Arnold Palmer Learning Center.

  • We can create a custom flight for a group that wants to only compete against their friends with custom settings.  Please reach out to the Golf Shop for further inquiries.


Follow the link below to register


Please contact Aaron Lindauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

updated 1/23/2023